Neil Richardson

I enjoy exploring the themes of organic development and genetic theory through figuratively abstract forms within my painted representations.

The inspiration behind the work I create has its conceptual roots in evolutionary theory and biological genetics. My current series is a visual response to Gregor Mendel’s primary “laws of inheritance”

My aim is to produce works that depict and capture the beauty and communicational development

of organic and biological worlds that otherwise remain mysterious and unseen.

My visual goal is to capture the grace and elegance of these seemingly random and chaotic processes by using figuratively relatable forms within an abstract and fluid 2 dimensional image.

I generally use a limited palette which enables me to enhance the flow of the forms represented within the frame of the painting. A final painting will often be the end result of several preliminary visual studies to determine colour, form and theme.

I have worked in Art and Design for over 30 years. This has included working in collaboration with several other artists. Additional to my painting and design work, I have produced several documentary films.

I began work as a professional artist with North Tyneside Art Studio, where I was resident artist. This service focused on the creative process and artistic development of people who had experienced trauma and mental health issues.

I am originally from Newcastle upon Tyne and studied Fine Art at University in Sheffield.

I have had the opportunity to show my work collaboratively and have had solo exhibitions of my work in London, Newcastle, Brighton, Sheffield and Birmingham.

I currently live and work in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, UK